The Madison Experimental Mathematics Lab (MXM) facilitates vertically integrated research projects during the semester. Undergraduate students work in teams under the leadership of a graduate student mentor on projects designed and proposed by faculty members.

A typical project is suggested by a department faculty member and is related to their current research or research area. A research team consists of 3-4 undergraduates and a graduate student. While the specific goals depend on the project itself, the underlying goal of the MXM lab is to provide undergraduates with research experience and allowing them to contribute to active mathematical research.

The frequency of meetings will be determined by the faculty member, typically the full team meets every few weeks with the undergraduate and graduate students meeting more frequently. Each undergraduate participant is expected to contribute 10 hours per week to the project.

If you have an undergraduate research project you would like to run as an MXM research project, please fill out the form: Project Proposal

Project proposals can be submitted at any time, but should be submitted by December 18, 2023 to be run in Spring 2024. Examples of past projects can be found under the Past Semesters tab.