Each semester, beginning in Spring 2022, the Madison Experimental Mathematics Lab will run an undergraduate research program. Undergraduate students will work in small teams under the mentorship of a graduate student and a faculty member on a project in an active field of mathematics. In addition to gaining research experience, students will also learn how to present their mathematical work to not only other members of the lab, during regular meetings, but also to the greater mathematical community. In the future there will also be opportunities to present work to the general public through public engagement activities.

Usually the projects students are working on are proposed and led by a department faculty member; a typical team also consists of 3-4 undergraduates and a graduate student. Goals for each project vary, but the underlying goal of all MXM projects is to contribute to mathematical research while also making it more accessible.

Typically the full team will meet every few weeks while the undergraduate graduate students meet on a weekly basis. The frequency of these meetings will be determined by the faculty member.

Please join our mailing list mxm-prospectives (by sending an email to mxm-prospectives+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu) if you wish to be notified when projects have been posted and the application window has opened.